Whatever your specific requirements, you are assured that Permafil has the knowledge and expertise to meet your storage problems and provide you with solutions that will maximize your space in a functional and aesthetic manner.

 Jean-Claude Grondin, Germain Blais, Roger Lemelin

Permafil was bought in 2008 by a consortium headed by three passionate and well known business people from Beauce Quebec.

The group itself generates over 200M in revenues per year. Originally founded in 1986, the company was concentrating its activities around mesh wire products, such as newspapers displays and wardrobe shelving. Nowadays, benefitting from the owner’s expertise in wood products and steel structures, the company offers a much wider variety of goods. Continually seeking higher grounds, a young and dynamic team was put in place to push storage innovation to its limits. By promoting teamwork among the 10 sister companies, the new owners allowed Permafil to benefit from much extended network of professionals, designers, engineers and more. Stronger than ever, Permafil has become, in a very short period of time, one of the group’s most lucrative venture. We are all proud of our achievement.

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